Ava DeCaprio

Ava DeCaprio

Email:                                                          decaprioav@gmail.com

Website:                                            Ava’s YouTube Channel


Birthday:                                           January 16, 2007

School:                                               St. James Intermediate School, Myrtle Beach, SC

Graduating Year:                            2025

Hobbies:                                            Gymnastics, swimming, beach and making musical.lys.

Gymnastics Goals:                              Go to the Olympics

Academic Accomplishments:               Honor Roll

Golden Anchor Award K – 4th grade

Gymnastics Accomplishments:

2017:               Competing Level 4 to training Level 7

2016:               Level 3 New York State Champion:  3rd on Beam, 1st Vault, 1stBars, 1stFloor and 1stAll Around

2016:               America’s Top 100 Score Level 3:      9.850 Floor

Skills Training:

Vault:               Half on

Bars:                Giants, Monkey Circles, Kip cast handstand

Beam               Walk over handspring, back handspring

Floor                Half’s and full’s

Career High Scores:

Vault:               9.725

Bars                 9.375

Beam               9.525

Floor                9.850

All Around       38.025