Autumn Anthony 2031

Gymnast  Name:  Autumn M. Anthony

Graduation year:  2031

Gymnast /Parents email:

Level competed last year: XCEL gold

School attending: Ocean Drive Elementary 

Academic Accomplishments:  Gifted/Talented Student, and “A” Honor Roll 

Gymnastics Accomplishments:  

Xcel Silver:  regional qualifier, 2nd for vault at regionals, ocean flipper MVP

Xcel Gold:  regional qualifier, ocean flipper MVP

Goals:  become level 10 gymnast

Skills training:  

floor:  front handspring front pile, round off back handspring back layout 

Beam:  back handspring, back walkover back tuck dismount and round off

Bars:  cast to handstand, baby giant, castaway layout fly away 

Vault:  half on up hill, yerchenko up on marshmallow mat


Last years high scores

Level xcel gold

Vault: 9.65

Bars: 9.625

Beam: 9.325

Floor: 9.4

All Around: 37.225